Doctor Network - Steve's experience in the area of computer networking.

I have experience working on many types of PC's and minicomputers, on both hardware and software issues. I have worked on many types of networks, from University-size to two-computer size. Back in the early 1990's I was a system manager/network manager of a university-based graphics laboratory. While there I learned how to run UNIX- and VMS-based minicomputers and their peripherals on a thinnet Ethernet network with various protocols including TCP/IP and DECNET. Starting in February of 2001 I gained Windows-based networking experience as an installer of Starband satellite Internet access systems. I installed (June 2003) a mixed wired/wireless network for resource sharing at Plow Creek Farm and Fellowship, later adding a link to the town of Tiskilwa using wireless and fiber optics based connections.  Starting in the late fall of 2006 I installed wireless (ground-based) Internet access for people in the area who are near one of the NBS wireless towers. I have been (August 2007) a certified installer for WildBlue satellite Internet access systems through Wind Power Electric in Princeton, Illinois, but no longer install satellite systems.   I try to keep up with the ways people can connect to the Internet in the rural areas of Bureau, Marshall, Stark, Putnam and nearby counties. I am conversant in many networking protocols and mixed Windows/Unix(Linux)/Mac networking.

Contact me at doctornetwork(AT) (sorry, but you will have to open your email program manually) or at 815-646-4950 to leave a message.